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The Glasgow and Clyde Valley Structure Plan Joint Committee

What is the Glasgow and the Clyde Valley Structure Plan Joint Committee (GCVSPJC)?

The GCVSPJC is a Local Government Joint Committee comprising eight separate Local Authorities (listed below) (each incorporated under The Local Government (Scotland) Act 1994) in the Glasgow metropolitan area working together on strategic development planning matters.


Map of the Strathclyde Region

  Glasgow City 
2   East Dunbartonshire
3   North Lanarkshire
4   South Lanarkshire
5   East Renfrewshire
6   Renfrewshire
7   Inverclyde
8   West Dunbartonshire 

The Joint Committee is formed under the Town & Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1972 (Section 4A) and operates under a formal legal Minute of Agreement, registered in the Books of the Lords of Council and Session in Edinburgh on the 7th May 1998. 

The establishment of this Joint Committee emanates from a Direction by the then Secretary of State for Scotland in 1995, under the ‘Designation of Structure Plan Areas (Scotland) Order’, that the eight Councils shown on the accompanying map, work jointly on strategic development planning matters. Under the terms of the Town & Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997, each Local Authority constitutes both a strategic and a local planning body in its own right. In order to comply with the terms of the above Order by the then Secretary of State for Scotland, the Authorities jointly constituted a Committee to combine their strategic planning powers. Under the terms of the Minute of Agreement, each constituent Authority nominates two Councillors to the Joint Committee; as a general rule, those nominated are the Conveners and their Deputies from the Planning or other relevant Committees/Boards of each of the individual constituent Authorities.

The Specific Responsibilities of the GCVJSPC

  • The specific responsibilities of the Joint Committee have been agreed by the eight Authorities as set out below.

  • The preparation, monitoring and review of the Structure Plan on behalf of the member Councils

  • Advice and recommendations on the Policy content of the Structure Plan, including the approval of the Plan by member Authorities, its submission to the Scottish Executive and its final Approval

  • The receipt of reports on the conformity of Local Plans with the Structure Plan and on development control matters of strategic importance

  • Liaison with and representation to Central Government, Scottish Enterprise, Local Enterprise Companies and other bodies as necessary on matters of relevance to Structure Planning in the Glasgow and the Clyde Valley area

  • Responses to and comment upon Structure Plans, planning applications and other development proposals submitted to the Joint Committee for comment by adjoining Authorities

  • Such other matters as may be necessary from time to time to sustain the Policies contained in the Structure Plan and contribute to the economic, social and environmental regeneration of Glasgow & the Clyde Valley area.

The core remit of the GCVJSPC is the first of these responsibilities - the preparation, publication and submission to Scottish Ministers of a twenty-year development strategy (currently entitled ‘a Structure Plan, although in the not too distant future, this is anticipated to change, as will the nature of these Plans, to a Strategic Development Plan or City-Region Development Plan). Maintaining the currency of that Strategy through monitoring and review is an equal component of the development plan process.

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